The Eagle and the Deer

24 11 2019

Last weekend a situation or rather, situations, came up where I had to drive to three Rock _nlocations here in the Midwest. It wasn’t anything that would have an effect on me personally, or anyone in my family. But there was this constant urging in me that I had to make the trip and it had to be right then. After talking and praying with my Lady Thursday evening, I threw a few belongings in the car Friday morning and headed out. As I drove, I tried to remember how many times I had done this in the past; hearing of a need that I felt I could help with and without hesitation heading down the road. Now, I’m not a pastor per say; but I’ve always felt a desire to be there for someone and tell them of the love and hope there is in Christ. Now I must admit many times in my younger days, I gave no thought or prayer before jumping in with both feet. And truthfully, there were times my presence accomplished nothing. It was on a whim that I knew I had to go, without giving any thought to what God may have wanted for me. As I’ve grown older, that quick mindedness has left me. I still hear of matters that I wonder if I should involve myself? Often the answer is no. I take more time to seek God’s guidance and do not rush into a proverbial house on fire like I once did.

Still, there are moments when something will invade my mind and heart to the point, I’m thinking about it constantly.  I tell myself there’s nothing I can do except pray, so I won’t get involved. But if it stays so prevalent in the forefront of my mind, I can’t help but thinking, “God are you calling me out? I’m not the man for the job!” I felt this is one time it’s wasn’t me, but my Lord saying, “Go.” It was strong on my mind as I drove down the highway, “What am I supposed to do or say? I don’t know! God, I sure wish you’d just tell me if I’m really supposed to be doing this.” Now, I know God doesn’t directly speak to us like He did in the Old Testament, which is a good thing; probably freak this old man out! But I do believe He has His ways of communicating if we’re willing to be attentive. This occurred twice while on my trip. The first was when I noticed a shadow on the ground to my left traveling at the same speed as me as if it was an escort. Looking up in the air I noticed a large eagle that stayed with me for a mile or so. Very strange. There was no body of water near there where generally bald eagles hang out. “What are you doing out here big bird?” After a while he soared off in another direction. I thought “Well thank you Lord for sending one of your beautiful creatures to say hello; it broke up the monotony of the road.” While the sighting of the eagle was still fresh on my mind another interesting situation occurred. I looked down the road and a large buck deer crossed in front of me. He was easily an 8 or 10 pointer. That’s not so unusual since there was a large grouping of trees where he was heading. Then he did something that had me shaking my head. As soon as he crossed, he turned right back around and ran in front of me again. I had to brake to keep from hitting this ole boy. As I was now at a slower pace, he ran directly across from me for a couple of hundred yards before turning back. Whoa! “Okay God, thanks for the nature show. But are you trying to tell me something?”

Over the next two days, with lots of prayer, I completed the task I felt I was called to do. (Sorry, I don’t feel I can discuss the details at this time.) Nothing spectacular or earth shaking occurred, but I truly believe I was where God wanted me to be. As the days have passed, I continue to think back to the weekend. And I still have to wonder why me, I know there are many others more equipped than I am. Then, I remember the two majestic encounters I had, and these verses came to me.

Isaiah 40:30 “But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

Habakkuk 3:19 “The Sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to tread on the heights.”

Now you can disagree with me and that’s alright. But this man feels God sent the eagle and the dear to remind me of something. He doesn’t call the best into service, He calls the willing, the ones who will listen, obey, go. And when He calls, and you answer, God is faithful to give just what you need for the task.

Perhaps in this moment all He wanted was for me to plant a seed in His name, nothing specular. That isn’t much to some. But if it’s what the Lord calls for and you’re willing; trust me, He’s got bigger plans than you may ever see. He just might have given you a chance to be part of something awesome.

Well, this isn’t my usual writing; but just as I felt the urging of my God to go, I felt it also to tell this story. I hope you can come away with something to help you on your “Travels of the Rock Road.”

Hey, thanks for reading.

See ya next time.










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