The Saga of a Drunken Drummer and a Church Pianist

3 11 2019

It was a summer of 1971, and a gal I knew was getting married. It was going to be a Rock _nbeautiful ceremony with a reception to follow. The only problem was she had little money left for entertainment; in other words, a band for the reception. Being that she was such a dear friend, we made the deal if she would buy a keg a beer for the band that we could keep in the back of the stage, we would come and play.

The night was great, good crowd enjoying the music we performed, and plenty of liquid refreshment in-between every song. I was enjoying myself, but truth be known, it was just another gig. That night, I was going to enjoy myself, mix with the crowd and come down from the stage every chance I could. I saw a friend sitting at a table with another girl, so I made my way over. The girl was very pretty, but something was definitely different. While everyone was knocking back alcohol as fast as they could drink it, she was having a orange soda. “Are you okay?” “Yes” she answered. “Why do you ask?” “Because everyone is having a good time drinking, and you have an orange soda. What’s up with that?” “Oh, I don’t drink.” That was the first time I ever met a girl in that setting that wasn’t partying with everyone else. Weird! “Well, do you dance?” I’m not sure I gave her a chance to answer as I grabbed her by the hand and led her out to the floor. I handed my drumsticks to a guy and said, “Here, go up and get on the drums, and tell the guys to play a slow song.” He gave me a big smile and he was on his way. So, we danced, slow and close. About halfway through the number something seemed to be happening, so I held her closer, and she did the same. When the song ended, we exchanged smiles, a small kiss and returned to my spot on the stage. When the time was over, we said our goodbyes and I didn’t think any more about it. She told a friend about me and they told her, “Don’t waste your time, he has a girlfriend.” But she told her friend that God seemed to whisper in her ear, while we were dancing, that this was the one. God didn’t whisper, speak, or yell anything in my ear, I just knew I was with a hot babe. Of course, I was so full of myself back then and only cared for my wants; God would have had a hard time getting through to me. That is until several months later.

Many of my friends were getting turned on to Jesus and telling me constantly I had to get saved. I believed in God; but didn’t think I needed to get as radical as they were. I agreed to go with a couple of them to a little church they were attending. It was fun especially seeing how many young people were there, but I didn’t see anything else that special. That is, until I took a look at the gal playing piano and realized, “Hey, that’s the chick I danced with!” The relationship didn’t take from that moment, but it began a spark. The more I wanted to know about Jesus the more she helped me understand. It was fascinating to me how someone so young could have such a grip on what the Bible said. I found out that she had been adopted, and from the moment she entered in the home of her new parents they taught her about the Lord, that at the age of 4 she accepted Christ as a Savior and kept growing from that point on.

I had broken up with the girl I had been dating, but I thought maybe this is what we both needed. Well, she wasn’t interested in hanging out with a bunch of “Jesus Freaks.” Most likely the truth was she didn’t trust me, and I couldn’t blame her. Like I said I was so full of myself that I couldn’t be trusted. But something was changing in me and, I believe, for the first time in my life I was letting the Holy Spirit guide my life. Because I knew I had a lot to get straight in my life, I wasn’t interested in having a new girlfriend; guess I couldn’t trust myself. But with every challenge, every obstacle I had to overcome this gal was there to help me. So, we dated. And we broke up. And we got back together again. And we broke up again. And each time we broke up it was if a part of me was missing. I didn’t feel complete. And as we talked, I learned she felt the same way.

Proverbs 31:10-12 “An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels. The heart of her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain. She does him good, and not harm, all the days of her life.”

I had not seen many good marriages growing up. My father deserted my mom and living with my great aunt and uncle, I found him to be a hateful man to his wife. So, I was afraid of what kind of husband I would make. But this gal told me that she believed God had brought us together. It was then up to us what we did next.

Well two years later, November 3, 1973, this gal became my wife, my Lady. And if I told you that last 46 years has been constant heavenly bliss, lightning might come down and blow up my laptop! It’s been easy, it’s been hard. It’s been happiness, it’s been sadness. It’s been laughter, and it’s been tears. There’s a quote that goes, “There are no perfect husbands and no perfect wives, but if you’ll keep believing in each other, there will be plenty of perfect moments in your marriage.” Therein lies the secret in making a marriage work, keep believing in each other and keep working on the relationship.

We started out as two completely different people, the type of differences that many would say don’t have a chance at a lasting relationship. But God had other plans. He didn’t see our differences as a reason to keep us apart. He saw them as the very reason to bring our lives together–to grow as one. I’m convinced that had we not committed to each other and to honoring our marriage before God, I doubt you would be reading tonight’s story.

God brought two “Travelers of the Rock Road” together. A drunken drummer and a church pianist. And He said, “Boy do I have plans for you two!” And did he ever. 46 years and still counting.

“My Lady, it has been so wonderful to grow up, and grow old with you. Love you, Matilda!!

Yes, that’s the nickname I gave her. Cool huh?!!

See ya next time.








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4 11 2019
Beverly Crane

Wow what a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing. Even though I have not personally met either one of you I feel like I’ve know you both forever. The “50th” will be here before you know it. God Bless you both.
Beverly Crane

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