Everyone I’ve ever met has walked the Rock Road at some period of their life and perhaps are traveling on it at this very minute.  The Rock Road comes along when you least expect it and for many it can be a long trek.  When adversity or sadness from an unforeseen tragedy pops up you may find yourself on the Rock Road.  When a Bad situation occurs in your life that causes you mental and emotional scars that never seem to go away even years later you find yourself on the Rock Road.

This blog is about my journey and others who have been there and how they made the journey by finding solace, healing and comfort when they rested on the Rock; Jesus Christ.

Please take time to read the stories.  Perhaps you will find your journey easier if you consider  traveling the Road to the Rock.

Thank you

Johnny Miller


3 responses

14 10 2009
justin michael

This is cool Pap!

26 08 2011
Susan Koenig

Looks really interesting & will be reading more later. I believe I’ve been on the Rock Road all year!

5 11 2013
Julie Hester

Hi John and Cathy. I was the lady you met on the trail to the waterfalls in Gatlinburg (the one with breast cancer). We got home Sunday and was awaken Monday morning by my sister telling me my niece’s fiance had shot himself. Our family has had a terrible few months. My grandmother passed in July, my dad passed in September, my cancer returned in October, now this in November. Will you please, please pray for my family now. I know God is with us and will get us through this. My niece is devasted and needs lots and lots of prayers. Thank you so much. It was so very nice to meet you both. And my the way, I’m still wearing the bracelet!

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