A New Life, A New Start

26 08 2018

My time spent in the music industry was short, but I did have the opportunity to get toRock _n know several musicians I’ve been able to keep contact with over the years. One certain individual never made it the big stage, so to speak, but he was a talented writer and made a decent living from other artists recording his songs. I always liked Bobby, as he was called, because he never put on airs and treated everyone friendly. Frankly at that time in the entertainment world ones like Bobby were rare so I really enjoyed seeing and talking to him.

A few short years later I was near his home so I decided to drop in and see how my old friend was doing. He didn’t recognize at first, and he had changed a bit for the rougher. But soon the familiar smile came to his face and he invited me in. The house was a bit cluttered, but over by his piano were framed albums of acts and bands that had recorded his tunes, all reaching the stage of soon to be called oldies. But Bobbie was still making money off royalties so he might have been living sloppy, but he was comfortable.  I asked him, “Do you have new material you’re working on to be released?” With a smile that said, “I was hopping you’d ask that,” he slid onto the bench behind the piano. He began to play the most beautiful melodic ballad I had ever heard. The words combined with the enchanting tune put chills down my body and I thought, “This is going to be a classic!” He played a verse, chorus and bridge before stopping. “That’s all I have so far but I’ve got a record producer anxious for me to send it to him when finished.” “That is so awesome Bobby, I can’t wait to hear it on the radio.”  I left Bobby’s house that knowing soon this new song of his would on everyone’s lips.

Time passed and I had almost forgotten about Bobby’s beautiful tune, that is until visiting another old friend. Frank was excited to play a rough recording he made and wanted me to hear. It only took a second to recognize Bobby’s voice and the song he had played for me earlier. Great I thought, he finished the song but hasn’t sold it yet. As I listened I heard a verse, a chorus, and a bridge before the song ended. Frank then said, “That’s all he has so far, but a producer is anxious to get his hands on it. “I know,” was my thought. Three years had passed since Bobby played me the same unfinished song with promises that it would soon be a finished product for the world to hear. So what’s up with that?!!

A couple of years later and I ran into Frank again and the conversation soon turned to Bobby and his unfinished song. Frank started smiling which told me he knew something. He started, “I went back to Bobby and asked him about the song and all the years spent unfinished. He fessed up that was a tune he started some 20 years ago and never finished it any further than we had heard. He doesn’t write anymore, but gets asked all the time if has anything in the works, so he’ll pull that song out to appease people and tell his jive. He keeps busy golfing, fishing and playing piano at functions like wedding receptions and community functions. He loves his life the way it is, but he doesn’t think people who knew him earlier on would want to hear those things. So, rattle the ivories for someone, send them out the front door impressed, then sneak out the back and head for his fishing boat.”

Rick Warren: “God specializes in giving people a fresh start.”

Bobby was well into his 60s the last time we were together. His time in the music industry had been fruitful for him, but now music was changing and he didn’t have the desire to pursue it any longer. He wasn’t sad or angry like many would be, he was content to do average joe activities now and he was having the time of his life. He just didn’t think people from his past would understand so he’d keep up the persona of still being a writer just to make other’s happy.

God knows for the majority we can’t keep the same energy, skills and desires that drove us at a younger age. The time comes when it’s time to slow up and perhaps take a new course of life. That doesn’t mean we stop living, it merely allows us to stay active as we continue as “Travelers of the Rock Road.”

I knew another gentleman that for 50 years had been a missionary in South America. His final years were spent at home gardening vegetables and flowers. He was always asked by other how they could garden better. This gave him a new avenue to talk to people and share his faith. His last year was spent at a nursing facility before going Home to his Lord. But not before leading three people to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Isaiah 43:18-9 “Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.

I never saw Bobby again, but I do hope he finally came to a point to say, “I don’t do that anymore, but I caught enough bluegill last month to host a great fish fry!”

I don’t know who said it but I like it. “Today I close the door to the past, open the door to the future, take a deep breath, take a step on through and start a new chapter in my life.”

Works for me!

See ya next time.




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