The Journey of the Blue and White Dress

19 11 2017

Back in 1953 a young teenage girl, attractive but impressionable, was swept off her feet The dress updatedby an older man.  This relationship resulted in an unplanned pregnancy, something that a woman-child was not equipped to handle at such a delicate, young age. With the courts stepping in, the expectant mother was sent away to another town until she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  After two weeks the child was taken away to an orphanage which would become her home for 3½ years. I suppose at this point most are feeling sadness at the outcome for the mother and child, but that wasn’t the final chapter; God had a plan for both their lives. The mother grew into a strong and loving individual, raising three more children who deeply adored her, as well as grandchildren that saw as her nothing but the best. She discovered true love with a man and a love and wonderful marriage. The child finally found a permanent home with a devoted and caring couple that not only shared their love with her, but taught her early on of the love of Jesus. As the years went on the child grew into a beautiful intelligent woman filled with compassion and care for all she came in contact with. God also fulfilled her life with a loving husband, three dear children and seven amazing grandchildren. This writer is especially thankful that the Lord preserved this child, for if you haven’t figured it out by now I’m speaking of the love of my life–my Lady!

There’s so much more I could say on the subject, but that’s not the direction I’m going with this story. I will however tell you that the mother and child were reunited some thirty years later and shared a great love and friendship until the mother was called home to be with the Lord. But I’d like to focus today’s story on a certain article; something physical that carries a legacy for Cathy and the journey, the “Travels of the Rock Road” that God has mapped out.

When Cathy was at the orphanage she didn’t have clothes of her own. With so many children at this facility all garments were community objects separated only as boy or girl apparel. You might wear an outfit one day but after it went in the laundry it could go to someone else to wear. When one group of kids outgrew something it would be passed down to the younger wards and so forth. On the day my Lady’s new parents came to take Cathy home they were given a pair of slacks, two shirts, pair of socks and shoes, underwear, and a lovely delicate little blue and white checkered dress. The other clothes would soon wear out, and of course new ones would constantly be added to her wardrobe. But the little dress was special to Cathy’s new mom; it was that constant reminder how God had blessed her and her husband so richly by placing this precious child in their lives. You see, there was a time when they didn’t believe they’d ever have any children. But at the right time the Lord brought a special one into the world that He had picked out, in so doing made all their lives happy and complete. So when Cathy outgrew the dress her mom put it up to keep it safe and in good condition. Occasionally she’s get it out and smile.

When my Lady and I married her mother gave her the dress to someday pass on to her daughter. Then as life at times goes we experienced the same frustration her parents did; it seemed we could not have children. Over the course of six years, try as we may, we could not produce a child. We saw doctors, specialists and even attempted adoption ourselves, all to no avail. Like Cathy’s parents we began to believe God had no plans to put children in our lives; but the journey of the little blue and white dress wasn’t over. December 31, 1979, after nearly a full day of hard labor Jamie Melissa Miller entered the world and our lives. Twenty months later she was joined by her brother Jeremy, and another twenty months, Justin.

Jeremiah 29:11: “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Abraham and Sarah were promised by God that their descendants would be more than the stars in the skies, more than the grains of sand. Even with that oath they weren’t always faithful in trusting God at His word; but that wasn’t the end of the journey. What mattered was God made that promise and wouldn’t go back on His word. When the children of Israel were taken captive and their cities destroyed God told them He would someday restore them and their land. Often it was hard for them to believe that day would ever come, but that wasn’t the end of the journey; God made that promise and wouldn’t go back on His word. A young girl in Bethlehem gave birth to a son that God told her would be the redemption of the world. And 33 years later she watched him die on the cross, but that wasn’t the end of the journey; merely the beginning. I wasn’t there those 60 plus years ago when another young girl gave birth, only this time to a daughter. But I’m betting it wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination, knowing this dear soul, that as she watched them take her girl away, not knowing if she’d ever see her again that she closed her eyes and prayed, “God take care of my little girl, and put her with a family that will love her as much as I do.” I believe God honored that girl’s prayer, and the journey was far from over.

Nowadays when I look at the dress and pictures of my Lady, our daughter, and our four granddaughters all wearing it as it has been passed down from one generation to the next, I can’t help but think it all began with a promise God made to a special young girl who put her trust in Him. And God never, never goes back on his promise.

Perhaps the journey of the little blue and white dress is now complete; sixty years and three generations it has made its way “Traveling the Rock Road.” But who can measure how abundant God’s giving is to those to put their trust in Him. Perhaps the journey is still, just beginning.

See ya next time.




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21 11 2017
Beverly Crane

This story is so touching. It should be made into a movie. Another wonderful journey John.

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