26 10 2014

Rick was a well-liked man by the fellow employees at the firm where he worked, although sometimes he was a little over the top with his insistence of tight The Blogger 002security and preparation just in case something did happen. Evacuation drills were performed often with Rick at the helm shouting orders from his megaphone making sure everyone heard and obeyed his commands. Like I said, Rick was sometime seen as obsessed with making sure everything and everybody was prepared in case of an emergency and when that fateful day came, Rick Rescorla was seen as a prophet and is remembered as a hero. Rick was a former military man and now head of security at Morgan Stanley located at the World Trade Center. After the first attack on this building back in 1993, Rick sensed this would not be the last and warned everyone who would listen. He then set his well thought out evacuation plan into action with many drills and when the planes hit the Twin Towers all the Morgan Stanley employees were ready as Rick led them down and out of the South Tower to safety. Many lives were saved, but unfortunately when he returned to the building to see if anyone was left; when it collapsed, Rick Rescorla was lost.

As I read this remarkable man’s story I was touched at his dedication not so much to the job but to the people he cared for and gave his life to protect. We can readily say he went above and beyond; that’s the stuff heroes are made of. Not to take anything away from this remarkable man, but I would venture to say I’ve read many stories of heroes like Rick Rescorla over the course of my life, more than I could ever write about or even mention. We have been blessed with many that history tells us about. I guess what really stands out about this man is that he knew in his heart that the attack that occurred on 9/11 was imminent; it wasn’t a question to him as to will it happen, as much as it was when will it happen. This knowledge wasn’t just a gut feeling for Rick; having served in the armed forces both in Britain and the United States a good portion of his life, he understood the enemy and what they would do to achieve their goal. Armed with this information, Rick went to several government agencies warning them of the danger he saw coming. Unfortunately, like so much in life, without hard facts no one takes you seriously and his warnings went unheeded. After reading this, I had wondered what kept Rick there in the face of an impending threat of destruction and even death? Maybe someone else might have said, “If on one wants to listen to what I’m saying, fine; I’m out of here!” Then after the attack hit all the media outlets, tell the story of how they tried to warn everyone; maybe even write a book and go on a speaking tour. (I mention this because I saw a couple of people who did just that; think that’s all I’ll say on that subject.) Still, wouldn’t that be better than possibly losing your life based on a hunch you had that came true? Evidently our man Rick didn’t see it that way; it appears he saw something he considered more important than his own life, which were the lives of others. No matter whether anyone else believed his theory, Rick felt so strongly about it that he determined he would stay and do everything in his power to saves lives whatever the cost to him; in the end that’s exactly what he did.

There’s an old English Proverb that says, “A hero is a man who is afraid to run away.” Perhaps that’s was the driving force of Rick Rescorla, he was afraid, afraid of what could happen to people he cared for if he turned his back and walked away. Oh my, what an awesome hero, warrior, and friend this man was to so many.

I would have loved to have known this fellow “Traveler of the Rock Road,” to have had opportunity to talk and even more, listen to all he had to say out of caring and love for others, I just have a feeling I might get to someday.  If you haven’t seen it coming I’ll just come right out and say it; Rick’s sacrifice reminds me of one that did this for all of us some 2,000 years ago. A Hero that touched my life so fully with His sacrifice that to this day I as well as others still give honor for His saving grace.  In John 15:13, He tell us; Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. Thank you Jesus!

The Gray One will be gone next week celebrating 41 years of marriage to my Lady Cathy and thanking God for everyday of each year.

Looking forward to us coming back together in two weeks.

Never forget how special you are to me, and to God!!




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27 10 2014
Gary Austin

Thanks for these thoughts regarding Rick. Your story reminded me of the one who continues to warn people to be ready for the return of the Lord. Many ignore the exhortations, don’t they. But there are those who respond and are ready.
Enjoy your time away with Cathy.

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