Homegrown Hero

7 05 2012

ImageLet me ask you something, has it become apparent to you that I just love to boast? Yeah, that’s what I thought, pretty obvious.  But if I’ve left the impression with most that my favorite subject of bragging is me, whelp, then probably the best thing for me to do is shut down this blog and get a part-time job cleaning out chicken coops!  I will have, therefore, failed at my endeavor and purpose of why I write which, is the telling of the story of the many heroes who have ventured down the Rock Road and have made a difference in my outlook and perspective; those who have touched my life, as well as others people’s lives, in a special way, in a positive way.  Another reason I write is to tell my own story, and how if anything good has come from what I categorize, my accomplishments, it is because of one reason only, God’s guiding hand and strong arm for this man to lean on and draw strength from.

That being said have I ever told you about the incredible woman I’ve known for over 40 years, who has shared, in most of those 40 years, my name, my children, my path and direction; my life? ,Gave it away, didn’t I?!!  Of course I’m talking about the Lady God knew I was going to need to be my helpmeet, partner, lover and friend, Cathy.  I’ve been tooting her horn since Saturday when she ran in the Indy Mini Marathon in Indianapolis, the largest 13.1 mile race in the country with over 35,000 participants from all over the country as well as the world.  Competing in an event such as this is not so extraordinary in itself; like I said, there was 35,000 others running also.  But consideration that she never ran anything until her mid 50s and this was the longest distance she ever ran, and that she finished in the top 44%, now you’ve got a reason to say wow!  To tell the whole truth I think it was a shock to her that she did it (She cried when she finished, but don’t tell her I told you!).  Possibly as much of a surprise as it was to her it wasn’t to the Gray One here or the people who know her best, namely our children.

We’ve seen her superhuman abilities first hand for years.  We witnessed her tirelessly be the glue to hold the family together.  When work was slow and money was short, she found ways to stretch a dollar like no one could.  She could serve up meals little resources to pull from, sew clothes that looked as good, if not better, than store bought and made sure every bill was paid.  She was there for each ache and pain and miraculously turn them into joy and laughter.  She was the 1st up everyday and usually the last to bed. Hey, know what?  Not only have I described one superwoman that me and my family know well, but also the millions of others who hold the title wife and mom!!!  Remember that husbands and children when her special day rolls around here soon.  Shoot, you don’t need to wait for a special day, to let her know you love her (she never had to have one for you) tell her now, she’s your hero and deserves to be treated that way!  🙂

If you were to ask my Lady about the direction of her life she would tell you, without hesitation, she feels blessed that she’s been able to do the things she wanted to do.  She could have easily taken a different course in her world without question.  When Cathy graduated from high-school there were over 500 in her class.  She graduated 4th and had college scholarship opportunities that she chose not to take advantage of.  It wasn’t what she wanted to do nor the direction she felt God wanted her to go, her calling was to be a wife and stay at home mother.  That didn’t mean life was always easy by sticking to her convictions, to the contrary, there were times the struggles outweighed the rewards. But still she continued on in the direction she felt was right, she felt was God’s will in her life, never giving way to thoughts of changing course.  There are 4 of us in the Miller Clan that are thankful for her convictions and her example!  When Cathy finally reentered the work force, our youngest had started high-school and she able to get a job that allowed her liberties to still fulfill the role she felt was her 1st calling.

I think I’ve used this quote before but it’s a good one and I feel it worth repeating:

Our talents are the gifts that God gives to us.  What we make of our talents is our gift back to God.”

Now I don’t want to give anyone the idea that I feel if a woman had to or chose to work outside the home it lessened who they were.  To the contrary, my mother had to work a job to support us, and she did it willingly and happily; it was her talent, it was her gift to God, and to me.  Cathy used her talents to raise a family that love her and they continues to add to her legacy.  Once a little orphan girl who in the beginning seemed to have no one, now God has honored her devotion with a family that adores their wife, mother, grandmother; “Hero!”  Check out Proverbs 31.

As for my Lady, giving her things like a college scholarship; well, the company she went to work for saw what we already knew around Miller Manor, that here was a special person and they paid for her to get that college degree.  She now holds a very good position in the company.  She’s discovered something else, all the things she didn’t get a chance to do in her younger life, it’s never too late to get started; hence the awesome running she does now.  You have a gift, you have a calling.  Is it glamorous or something the world would stand in awe of?  WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!  Use it to the best of your ability and never say what if.  Say I can, I will, and I thank God for bestowing it on me.  I guarantee there will be others who will thank Him, and you, for using and sharing that gift in their lives.

You, are just so incredibly talented!  AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!




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7 05 2012

love that John good job

7 05 2012

Thank you Angie Bell. :0)

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