Christmas Treasure

19 12 2011

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

It was about 12 years ago, I believe, that this picture was taken.  And if you grew up in the Miller home, there was no better gift to give or receive than the gift of music.  Also, part of growing up here is not just celebrating Christmas once a year; it was creating a memory, especially when there’s a wacky dad like me, with even wackier ideas, leading this clan.

All three of my kids were exposed to music at an early age and amongst them they now have proficiencies in several instruments.  But the Christmas displayed in the snapshot was the 1st time they would receive serious instrument all at same time.  It took a little extra for their mother and me to come up with the funds that year for the gifts particularly with the country in one of it’s recessions at that time and my work was minimal. But like my opening sentence, it didn’t put us on the poverty line and we weathered the economic storm by the Grace of God.  Honestly, for this man, I never look at myself as anything special, but I’ve always felt so rich and honored whenever I’m able to give.

Like I said, giving of gifts is one thing, a moment when an object is new and shiny and beautiful for the receiver to behold.  But like any object, as time passes it wears out and often loses the luster it had in the beginning.  But give a gift in a way that creates a memory and you have something that stays with you forever.

I sent Cathy, Jamie, Jeremy, and Justin away for a while on Christmas because I had work to do and didn’t need them in the way.  When they returned it was obvious to all the something was very different throughout the house.  Ribbon was stretched everywhere, in every room.  Of course curiosity of what that was all about ruled from that point on. Ignoring all questions with the simple explanation that they would know in due time what it was about, we proceeded with our Christmas which always starts with the reading of God’s gift to us in Luke 2.  As was taught to me I never have wanted my kids to lose sight of why and what we celebrate during this time of year.  From there we passed out the gifts for all to open, which was a little tricky since I made it clear no one was to do anything to mess up the ribbons that ran across the floor. As each of the kids opened a present and enjoyed it for just a slight moment, they would pass it off to their mother who would place them out of harm’s way on the dining table and I would retrieve the paper in a large plastic bag.  Now it was ribbon time!  Reaching behind the couch I unpinned the end of three different ribbons, handed one to each of my kids, with the instruction they would have to follow the ribbon to find their last gift.  The trek was on, around, over and under furniture in every room, down to the basement, around everything there including washer, dryer, and furnace back out of the basement and into the garage, around the house and shed, back into the house and another route through every room again.  I hope you’re getting a mental picture of three young people following an endless trail of red ribbon, winding it up as they journeyed in search of the mysterious gift at the other end. At completion of the task they had ran into each other several times in their pursuit and ended up with a small sphere of ribbon the size of a softball; and three new guitars!  Now how’s that for creating a memory, huh? ;o)

I don’t have a lot more to add, that’s the story, a memory I enjoy and wanted to share with you wonderful friends and family and hope you enjoyed.  I think I’ll just close this morning with a prayer for each of you this season.

“Dear Lord, thank you for sending your Son to be the greatest gift to mankind some 2000 years ago.  Thank you for the knowledge we can never repay the gift of love You gave us, but really, that’s not what you want anyway for all you ask is that we accept the gift you give freely out of your love for us; Awesome!  Please be with all these wonderful people you have blessed me and my Lady with by placing them in our path as we travel the Rock Road.  Bring joy, laughter, blessings and happiness to each, in a way that this Christmas may be more memorable than the last; and that the memory might last all year long and that they might live the true meaning of the season in their heart and pass that joy, that gift to others all year long.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

“What we are is God’s gift to us.  What we become is our gift to God.”

A very Merry and Blessed Christmas to all!!




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